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Protect Your Storage Doors
Protect Your Doors  Keep Your Facility


Are you...

Certified Everbrite Contractor

Looking to grow your existing  commercial services business?

Seeking to add services to your business that are highly relevant during the COVID19 pandemic?

 Looking to start a business providing in-demand services?

Everbrite Coatings is the Answer.

An add-on Service or Primary Business Opportunity with Lots of Up-side!

No Fee

No Franchise or Affiliate Fee

After Training, YOU run your business how you want!

Everbrite Coatings provides products that protect metal and other surfaces from the environment.  


With unique aftermarket coatings, and in-demand innovative Microban antimicrobial technology, our products restore, coat, and protect surfaces from harsh environmental and microbial peril, resulting in a pristine appearance. 

We are a family-owned business that demonstrates its value through excellent customer service to our  customers.  Our products are safe to use in all environments  and free from carcinogens.   

Adding an Everbrite Coatings Restoration System to your business is an excellent way to offer highly in-demand and lucrative services, where the product cost is a fraction of the expense.

Certified Everbrite Contractor

Example:  A company is looking to optimize its back-to-work safety precautions with its cleaning routine.  You offer to clear coat all surfaces such as door handles, bathroom stalls, light switches and high-touch surfaces with CrobialCoat.

Cost of Product
Charge for Services

Example:  A company building’s metal structures are showing signs of oxidation and rust. In addition to cleaning the metal surfaces, they wish to bring back the shine.  You offer to clear coat the building, after cleaning, with Everbrite.


Contact us to join our national contractor network and get certified.  

National Contractor Map

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Certified Everbrite Contractor

We offer certification that will provide hands-on instruction for you to become a successful Certified Everbrite Coatings Contractor.  You can grow your business by using Everbrite Coatings, which have 30 years of proven results!


The training consists of the following modules, focusing not only on the technical aspects of the Everbrite Coatings Restoration System, but also, how to market, sell and bid projects as well. This training will give you the tools you need to make Everbrite Coatings a profitable service offering. 

Providing both classroom style and Hands-on Training, covering:

  • Equipment Needs

  • Health and Safety

  • Product Knowledge

  • Surface Preparation

  • Coating Application

  • Application Procedures and Tips

  • Troubleshooting 

  • Sales Program 

  • How to Successfully Bid

  • Time Management for Efficiency 

How to build even more business with other Everbrite Coatings – including our NEW CrobialCoat Antimicrobial Surface Protection!


Class Curriculum Includes:

Certification Inquiry:

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