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Industrial Strength Corrosion Protection
Industrial Strength Corrosion Protection



EquipCoat™ is a long-lasting, clear polymer resin coating that restores faded paint color to pre-owned equipment quickly, at a lower cost than alternative restoration coatings, including paint. EquipCoat restores aging, eyesore equipment to a like-new condition.


When EquipCoat is properly applied, it restores color and is virtually impossible to differentiate from new equipment right off the showroom floor. It will last for years while giving an added layer of protection to the underlying paint.

Just a few projects where EquipCoat can be used 

Heavy Equipment | Snow Equipment | Agricultural Equipment | School Buses

Equipcoat® provides the following benefits with every application:

  • Specially formulated for use on Heavy Construction Equipment

  • Long-term protection helps prevent corrosion, oxidation, rust, and fading of paint

  • Polymer resin encapsulates metal surfaces to provide a sealed barrier from the elements

  • Crystal Clear Coating will restore faded paint surfaces, paint gloss, and enhances color

  • Highly Corrosion Resistant protecting equipment from UV, salt, calcium chloride, fly-ash, fertilizer and urea damage

  • Safe to use on new and used equipment

  • Helps restore clarity to red and amber light lenses

  • Indefinite shelf-life in closed container

  • Will not chip, crack, peel or yellow when applied as directed

  • Will bond to itself, so no sanding or priming needed to apply, making it easy to re-apply anytime

  • Once cured coating can be painted over

  • Heat-resistant, allowing the coating of radiators, engines, and their related components

  • Reduces maintenance by helping repel dirt, making coated surfaces easier to clean

  • Economical as it will refinish and protect approximately 1,000 sq. ft. per gallon

Restore and Protect Heavy Equipment
EquipCoat Products
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