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Protect Your Storage Doors
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Everbrite™ Protective Coating 

Everbrite Coatings

Everbrite™ Protective Coating is a crystal clear, protective coating formulated for the restoration and protection of metals, however it can also be used for the protection of woods, hard plastics, and fiberglass substrates.

Everbrite will bring back the color and luster of old, faded metal and will protect from the damage that the sun, salt air, acid rain, moisture, and other damaging elements cause. The coating rejuvenates the color and luster on dulled aluminum or steel siding, metal buildings, curtain wall, storefronts, window extrusions, and so much more. Everbrite also prevents tarnish on copper, brass & bronze.

Everbrite™ remains flexible and has excellent adhesion on metals. The coating will not crack, chip, or peel, even with the expansion and contraction of metal.

Just a few projects where our Everbrite Protective Coating can be used 

Copper Roofs | Storage Doors | Painted Metal | Brass Doors | Skyscrapers | Aluminum | Bronze | Rusted Metal

Everbrite™ will protect surfaces for years and can be maintained indefinitely. The coating is self-leveling and self-annealing and will blend to itself creating a new envelope of protection.  

Everbrite has strong UV blockers to protect from sun damage and antioxidants to protect from tarnish, oxidation and corrosion while allowing the beauty of the metal to show through. The coating is also graffiti resistant and acts like a sacrificial coating to protect the coated surface, re-coating affected areas easily and at a much lower cost than alternatives. 

Sealed surfaces clean easily with mild soap and water. Metals stay cleaner longer, show less fingerprints, and are much easier to maintain with less effort and time.

Restored Roof

Finish Options


Restores the original color and luster of faded, painted metals, has a gloss finish but is not thick or ‘plastic’ looking and is recommended for allowing the natural beauty of copper, brass, bronze & other unpainted metals show through. This finish is recommended for most applications.


Some painted metals look better without gloss finishes but still need protection; Satin Everbrite will blend with metal that has a satin finish. Some paint colors look better with a Satin finish which softens the shine of the paint. Many people also prefer the Satin finish on rusted metals.



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