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Protect Your Storage Doors
Protect Your Doors  Keep Your Facility

Everbrite Applications

Storage Doors

Everbrite will restore your old, faded, dull, chalky doors and metal buildings to look new again and will restore the original color and luster.

Restored Storage Doors
Restore Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

EquipCoat is a clear, protective coating that reduces damaging effects chemicals have on heavy equipment components, creating a protective barrier to keep corrosive chemicals from penetrating paint and ultimately into the metal.


Back-to-work protocols in all industries are important to employers and employees alike. Ensuring spaces are protected, clean and free of odors let all visitors feel safe. Recognizing that the ability to clean constantly is unreasonable in most environments, the best weapon against microbial growth is a long lasting antimicrobial coating with built-in protection.

Protect Surfaces at your Facilities
Protect Cruise Line Surfaces

Cruise Lines

Protect guests and employees alike from the many metal and hard plastic surfaces on your cruise line with CrobialCoat, an antimicrobial coating that prevents the spread of bacteria, to ensure the safety of everyone on board.


There are hundreds of surfaces throughout in property which are frequently touched by guests and staff. Not to mention those not in public areas. Protecting these metals and hard plastics from bacteria spread can keep both guests and staff healthier.

Protect Resort Surfaces
Protect Gym Surfaces


Gyms have many high touch surfaces that are exposed not only to bacteria but moisture in the air as well, which can lead to tarnish and fading on metals. Protect your gym surfaces and ensure the safety of your members with CrobialCoat.


Keep apartment complexes safe and looking beautiful for tenants and guests alike with CrobialCoat. Ensure your tenant's safety and health while making your property look beautiful and brand new.

Restore and Protect Apartment Surfaces
Protect School Surfaces


Keep schoolchildren, faculty and staff in your school community safe by protecting metal surfaces such as handrails, bathrooms, doorknobs, classrooms and more with CrobialCoat.

Public Transit

Public Transit stations and assets are some of the most frequently used and high touch public areas. Protect your assets and other surfaces including handrails, tray tables, handles and poles with CrobialCoat to ensure traveler safety.

Protect Public Transit Surfaces
Restore and Protect Buildings

Building Restoration

Restore copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, rusted metal, painted metal, or custom surfaces with Everbrite Coatings. Everbrite coatings protect against sun damage, tarnish and fading, and last for years to come.


Commercial business spaces often include many surfaces that can be protected from both tarnish and bacteria with CrobialCoat, including aluminum window frames, doorknobs and handles, elevators and button panels, commercial bathrooms and more. 

Restore and Protect Storefronts
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