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Durable Surface Protection
High Touch Surface Protection

Protect Resort Surfaces

CrobialCoat™ with Mircoban antimicrobial technology coating is ideal for helping ensure a foundation for healthy environments. By providing a coating of coverage to help prevent the growth and spread of microbes, high-touch surfaces provide a layer of protection for the health and wellness of occupants in between cleanings. The coating, which lasts years without having to be reapplied, provides peace of mind during trying times.

  • Keeping Guests Healthy & Safe

  • Protecting High Touch Surfaces

  • Protects Outdoor Surfaces from Rust, Salt Corrosion, Oxidation

  • Protecting the Value of the Property

  • Maintain Fresh Look Throughout the Property

  • Easy to Maintain with Current Staff

Guest Room

There are hundreds of guest room doors in your property which are frequently touched by guests and staff. Not to mention those not in public areas. Protecting door handles from bacteria spread can keep both guests and staff healthier.

Protect Guest Room Surfaces

Hand Railings

Hand railings in resorts are some of the most common places for bacteria to thrive. Ensure constant protection and save time on cleaning with CrobialCoat.

Protect Hand Railings


Elevators are one of the most frequently used places in a resort. Not only do guests use it, but staff and visitors as well. Keep everyone who uses the elevator safe from bacteria spreading with CrobialCoat on button panels. CrobialCoat also protects against fingerprints and scratches so all surfaces, including the doors and internal metal panels, stay looking new and clean.

Protect Elevator Surfaces

Deck Chairs

Deck chairs get a lot of use and abuse, usually from guests, sun damage, and exposure to elements. CrobialCoat will keep your chairs looking freshly polished and restored, while ensuring bacteria growth is reduced on these surfaces for your guests safety.

Protect Deck Chairs

Pool Railings

Pool railings not only are exposed to sun and chlorine all day long, but are used frequently by guests. It's important to keep railings both protected and polished, to maximize both their appearance and cleanliness.

Restore and Protect Pool Railings


Give a good first impression to your guests by having a clean and beautiful property. Keeping the entrance to your property looking clean and new will attract and impress your guests.

Restore and Protect Entrances


Everbrite Coatings can protect all metal surfaces and accents from the elements as well as guard against fingerprints, scratches and smudges. If you have a surface you're not sure how to protect, Everbrite can provide product advice and instructions.

Restore and Protect Metal Surfaces
Restore and Protect Resort Surfaces

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