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Keep Metal Looking Its Best
Keep Metal Looking its Best

Restore and Protect Signage

What is your business image worth to you?​

Signs are an expensive asset that are highly visible and the brand image of your business. When your signs start to look faded and weathered, there is an alternative to replacing them. Refinishing your signs to look new again will not only improve the image of your business but will save you thousands of dollars.

Your signs are the image your business portrays. If your signs are faded or oxidized, what does that say about you and your business?

Restore and Protect Signs
Restore and Protect Signs
Restore and Protect Signs
Restore and Protect Signs
Restore and Protect Signs
Restore and Protect Signs

Clean and refurbish oxidized or sun-faded signage of any color

As signs age, the surfaces fade and oxidize from exposure to the sun. Metal surrounds can get ugly pits from salt corrosion if located near the ocean. Rusted metal signs that are so currently common in retail architecture are notorious for dripping rust and staining new concrete. ​If any of these problems occur the entire building loses curb appeal. 

Everbrite Coatings will seal, restore and protect painted signs, rusted metal signs, vintage signs and even signs that are just oxidized and faded.  Everbrite™  clear coating will restore the original color and luster of dull and faded signs and will protect them from oxidation, corrosion and other damaging elements.

  • No matter the color, Everbrite™ will renew the color and finish of the sign and will restore it to look new again.

  • Everbrite™ can also be used to refurbish and protect storefront metals and bollards.

  • You can test the process by cleaning an area and observing it while it is clean and STILL WET. If the sign looks good when it is clean and wet, it can be restored with Everbrite™.

Benefits of restoring instead of replacing



Extend the service life of your sign up to 7 years after each application.

  • No need for new sign permits.

  • Avoid new zoning restrictions that require smaller signs.

  • Everbrite Coating can be applied without the need to disassemble the sign.

  • Most sign projects can be completed in one day.

  • Everbrite Coating can be reapplied easily, allowing you to maintain signs indefinitely.

Surfaces that can be restored with Everbrite:

  • Painted Metal

  • Bare Metal

  • Rusted Metal

  • Hard Plastics

  • Hard Vinyl

  • Hard Wood

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Formulated to protect architectural surfaces as well as anodized or painted metals. This protective coating has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants to protect metals.

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ProtectaClear® is a tough, thin, clear coating for high-touch surfaces providing protection from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion, and oxidation.

ProtectaClear Products

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