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Protect Your Storage Doors
Protect Your Doors  Keep Your Facility

Everbrite Coatings Restore and Protect Hard Surfaces

Our clear coating systems meet the diversity and durability needs of industrial and commercial facilities with products to restore and protect metals and other surfaces from environmental damage such as oxidation, tarnish and the growth of microbes.  Our coatings are easy to apply and easy to maintain indefinitely. 


Everbrite Coatings are ideal for high-touch surfaces where appearance, longevity and pristine cleanliness matters.  Our coatings are free from carcinogens, for the safety of those that apply the products, and live and work with coated surfaces.

Our Coatings


Everbrite™ is a clear, protective UV coating formulated to restore color and luster to dull, faded, oxidized metal of any color.

ProtectaClear® is a tough, thin, clear coating for high-touch surfaces providing protection from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion, and oxidation.

CrobialCoat® with Antimicrobial technology is a clear coating providing protection for most surfaces from environmental damage while helping to prevent the spread and growth of microbes.

EquipCoat™ is a long-lasting, clear polymer resin coating that protects heavy-duty equipment from rust and oxidation, and also restores faded paint color to pre-owned equipment.

Notable Clients

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