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Prepare your Metal for our Coatings.

Everbrite, Inc. manufactures and sells cleaners and other products to help prepare the substrate for the proper application of the clear, protective coatings.

EZ Prep Cleaner & Neutralizer

EZ-PREP Cleaner & Neutralizer is a highly concentrated, biodegradable, free-rinsing cleaner and acid neutralizer. EZ-PREP works exceptionally well for cleaning chalky oxidation on chalky metal siding, storage doors or other painted metal. It emulsifies grease, oils, dirt and grime and can be used as an all-purpose household cleaner. EZ-PREP is formulated to allow for effective cleaning with no environmental impact. EZ-PREP is suitable for use on all surfaces.

Stainless Steel Rust Remover

Everbrite Stainless Steel Cleaner will remove even thick old layers of iron stain from nooks and crannies.

To use simply spray on, agitate, leave a short while and brush rinse off. Then neutralise using EZ-Prep or baking soda and water.  ProtectaClear is recommended for coating clean stainless steel to prevent further rusting.

HD Copper Cleaning Gel

Everbrite™ HD Gel Copper Cleaner is a unique solution which has been blended specifically to remove tarnish and oxides from copper based metals. 

Everbrite™ HD Gel will cling on copper roofs, copper walls or other copper preventing run-off.

Everbrite™ HD Gel Copper Cleaner is strong enough to restore tarnished and stained copper back to it’s original copper shine – but is also environmentally safe as well – non-toxic, non-hazardous – it will not harm shrubs or plants in flower beds!

MAAS Polish

MAAS powerful wipe-on, wipe-off formula removes years of residue, rust, tarnish and oxidation from all metals and more. Fast – Easy – Handles the toughest jobs yet gentle enough for delicate antiques.  MAAS Creme is concentrated, just a dab polishes large areas.

MAAS polishes do NOT contain any acid so there is NO neutralizing necessary before coating with ProtectaClear or Everbrite.  Save time and effort.



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