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Restore and Protect Painted Metal

Painted metal substrates chalk, dull, and fade when exposed to the sun. Salt air can also corrode painted metal. The Everbrite Restoration System is a process of expertly cleaning and applying Everbrite coating to restore the color and luster of dull and faded metal, protecting it from oxidation and fading in the future. The Everbrite Restoration system provides immediate results so you can see the dramatic change from dull, faded, chalky metal to restored metal that looks new again.

Faded, dull, and oxidized metal can be restored to look new again and can be protected from the elements. If the metal has already been repainted and has faded again, the paint can be restored to look new, as long as the paint is sound and completely cured.

Before & After

Restored Painted Metal
Restored Painted Metal

Painted architectural metal typically comes from the factory with baked on paint. Baked on enamel, powder coating or even Kynar will last for years without chalking or oxidizing. Eventually, and sometimes after just a few years, the topcoat of the painted substrate breaks down from exposure to UV, salt air, or other damaging elements. If the oxidation is cleaned off and the next layer is left exposed to the elements without protection, eventually the paint will oxidize down to bare metal and the only choice is to paint in the field. Because metal is flexible and expands and contracts with temperature changes, painting metal substrates in the field can lead to potential complications such as adhesion problems.

Everbrite is an easy to apply, self-leveling, clear protective coating that restores the original color and luster of nearly all painted metal, including storage doors, garage doors, aluminum siding, steel siding, equipment, tractors, curtain wall, metal buildings, painted roofs, gutters, and much more. Once the metal is refurbished to look new again, Everbrite will continue to protect and keep it much easier to clean.

Everbrite Protective Coating provides the following benefits to painted metal with every application: 

  • Restores original color, deep luster & sheen to dull, oxidized painted or powder-coated metal.

  • Crystal clear so it restores any color.

  • Guaranteed not to yellow or discolor with age or UV exposure.

  • Remains flexible so it will not crack or peel

  • Excellent adhesion on cleaned, painted surfaces.

  • Chalky oxidation can drip onto other substrates; restoring the topcoat on the metal with Everbrite will eliminate this problem.

  • Protect painted metal from other stains like rust drips.

  • Everbrite acts as a sacrificial coating to protect from graffiti on painted surfaces.

  • Protects painted metals from salt air corrosion.

  • Protects painted surfaces from chalking and oxidation. Contains UV absorbers to protect the paint under the clearcoat.

  • Touch up paint will oxidize faster than original baked on paint causing unsightly, oxidized blotches; Everbrite brings back the original painted-color and luster.

Non-baked on paints also oxidize much faster than their baked-on counterparts. Many of the additives that are used to make paint last (like lead) have been removed due to environmental concerns.

Everbrite has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants to protect the metal from sun, salt air, corrosion, oxidation, rust, fading, and more.

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