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Restore and Protect Brass

Restore and Protect Brass

Architectural brass is challenging to maintain due to tarnish and oxidation which dull, darken and corrode the brass. Everbrite Protective Coating and ProtectaClear seal and protect brass from tarnish and oxidation, unlike lacquer coatings that yellow or darken with age or exposure to UV, maintaining the brilliance and shine of the brass for years to come.

ProtectaClear is used in hotels, casinos, restaurants and offices to seal and protect highly polished brass from tarnish, oxidation, corrosion and fingerprints.

Brass elevators, architectural features, railings and brass doors can all be polished with many common polishes to maintain their shine; however this is both costly and labor-intensive. ProtectaClear keeps brass looking freshly polished and can be maintained indefinitely with very little labor effort.

Restore and Protect Brass

Everbrite coatings provide the following benefits to brass with every application:

  • Reduce maintenance costs for keeping brass looking freshly polished.

  • Eliminates unsightly smudges, fingerprints and discoloration.

  • Keeps brass form developing white or green patina streaks.

  • Excellent adhesion on even mirror finished brass.

  • Acts as sacrificial coating for easy graffiti removal.

  • Easy to keep clean, reducing maintenance costs.



Formulated to protect architectural brass as well as brass art. This protective coating has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants to protect brass.


Ideal for brass that gets high use or is exposed to constant handling. It has Anti-Oxidents but is a thinner, more scratch-resistant coating that is practically invisible, even on highly polished metal with a mirror finish.


Ideal for brass that gets high use or is exposed to constant handling to reduce microbes. CrobialCoat is a combination of ProtectaClear and  Antimicrobial technology.


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