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Durable Surface Protection
High Touch Surface Protection

Protect Cruise Line Surfaces

  • Keeping Guests Healthy & Safe

  • Protecting High Touch Surfaces

  • Protects Outdoor Surfaces from Rust & Salt Corrosion

  • Easy to Maintain While at Sea; No Dry Dock Necessary

CrobialCoat® Antimicrobial technology coating is ideal for helping ensure a foundation for healthy environments. By providing a coating of coverage to help prevent the growth and spread of microbes, high-touch surfaces provide a layer of protection for health and wellness of occupants in between cleanings. The coating, which lasts years without having to be reapplied, provides peace-of-mind during trying times.

Deck Railings

Deck railings are not only exposed to the constant sun, salt and weather, but also are high touch. Protecting these surfaces with CrobialCoat not only protects the metal from corrosion and tarnish, but keeps the railings clean and protected from the spread of bacteria, ensuring your guests' safety.

Restore and Protect Deck Railings

Deck Chairs

Deck chairs are an integral part of the cruise experience. While they are exposed to the sun, salt air and chlorine, they are also highly touched by guests on a daily basis. Protect your guests' safety, while keeping the chairs from fading, weathering, and tarnishing, so they last longer.

Restore and Protect Deck Chairs

Food Service

CrobialCoat is food-safe once cured. It can be used to help prevent bacteria growth on preparation and serving surfaces, helping to keep your guests healthier on every voyage.

Protect Food Service Surfaces

Hand Railings

While interior hand railings may be safe from sun exposure, they are still subject to salt in the air, as well as being another high touch surface. Using CrobialCoat to make sure these surfaces are safe from both bacteria growth and salt corrosion will protect your guests while restoring the look of your cruise liner.

Protect Hand Railings

Pool Railings

Pool railings are constantly exposed to sun and chlorine. On a cruise, this is amplified by the salt in the air, wreaking havoc on the metal surfaces and leading to tarnish and rusting. These surfaces are extremely high touch as well. Protect them from bacteria growth as well as corrosion with CrobialCoat. 

Restore and Protect Pool Railings


Everbrite Coatings can protect all metal surfaces and accents from the elements as well as guard against fingerprints, scratches and smudges. If you have a surface you're not sure how to protect, Everbrite can provide product advice and instructions.

Restore and Protect Custom Metal Surfaces
Restore and Protect Cruise Line Surfaces

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