CrobialCoat is a durable, clear protective coating providing protection for most surfaces from rust, salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation. CrobialCoat has built in Microban Antimicrobial technology for an added level of protection against the growth of microbes. It is our most durable and scratch resistant coating. Ideal for high touch surfaces where cleanliness matters, it combines the tough protection of ProtectaClear with the antimicrobial product protection of Microban, keeping coated surfaces 99% cleaner by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes, while protecting metals, ceramics, hard plastics and hardwoods. 

  • Combines ProtecaClear with antimicrobial product called Microban to reduce bacteria 

  • Specifically protects metals, ceramics, hard plastics and hardwood

  • Will not wash off - lasts for the life of the coating

  • Highly salt resistant for marine and ocean environments

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Save time and money for cleaning public areas

  • Reduces odors

Just a few areas where our CrobialCoat Antimicrobial can be used 

Hospitals | Schools | Hotels | Restaurants | Airports | Supermarkets | Malls | Offices | Reception Areas | Gyms and Spas | Bathrooms | Stadiums | Public Transport | Nursing Homes | Cruise Ships 

CrobialCoat was tested and proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99% in a 24 hour period. This effectiveness will last the life of the coating as the Microban antimicrobial technology is built into the coating and will not wash off. 

On an unprotected surface, stain and odor-causing bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. This can cause the develoopment of stains, unpleasant odors and bacteria that impact the aesthetics, durability and cleanliness of a surface. In many circumstances, once microbes have begun to proliferate on a metal surface, constant cleaning is required to keep growth under control. Recognizing that the ability to clean constantly is unreasonable in most environments, the best weapon against microbial growth is an antimicrobial coating with built in protection.

Recognizing that the ability to clean constantly is unreasonable in most environments, the best weapon against microbial growth is antimicrobial coating with built-in protection.

Just a few surfaces our CrobialCoat Antimicrobial can be used on

Doorknobs/handles | Light switches | Handicap access push plates | Railings | Turnstiles | Sinks | Faucets | Elevators | Button Panels | Lockers | Bathroom Hardware | Kitchen Hardware | Bathroom Stalls | Counters | High Touch Surfaces




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