Keep Bathrooms Cleaner with CrobialCoat
Invisible Protection. Visible Cleanliness.

Protect Facilities/ Environmental Services

CrobialCoat™ with Mircoban antimicrobial technology coating is ideal for helping ensure a foundation for healthy environments. By providing a coating of coverage to help prevent the growth and spread of microbes, high-touch surfaces provide a layer of protection for the health and wellness of occupants in between cleanings. The coating, which lasts years without having to be reapplied, provides peace of mind during trying times.

  • Promotes Health in All Environments

  • Protects High-Touch, High-Use Surfaces

  • Reduces Bacteria by 99% 

  • Protects Outdoor Surfaces from Rust, Corrosion & Oxidation

  • Easy Application & Maintenance

  • Long-lasting Clear Coating

  • Will Not Wash Off- 24/7 Protection

  • Protects all Metal, Wood, & Hard Plastic Surfaces


Back-to-work protocols are important to employers and employees alike. Ensuring spaces are protected, clean and free of odors let all visitors feel safe. Recognizing that the ability to clean constantly is unreasonable in most environments, the best weapon against microbial growth is a long lasting antimicrobial coating with built-in protection.

Commercial Kitchens

Human and food products occupying space together can be a breeding ground for bacteria growth. Coating preparation and serving surfaces with CrobialCoat will inhibit bacteria growth and ensure constant protection. CrobialCoat also protects surfaces against scratches and fingerprints so kitchens not only are cleaner, they look cleaner as well. 

Commercial Bathrooms

Beyond clean toilets and sinks, hard surfaces and bathroom dividers are breeding grounds for bacteria, but often overlooked for the frequent cleaning schedule protocols. Coating all hard surfaces in the bathroom will help greatly to inhibit bacteria growth and odor.

Drinking Fountains

A communal source of water in many settings, CrobialCoat will not only prevent the growth of microbes, but also protect the surface from tarnish and scratching, which often happens with metal water bottles to be refilled.


Elevators are one of the highest-touched areas of an apartment complex. Coating and protecting the elevators can make all the difference in the health and safety of your tenants and their guests.

Door Knobs

Probably the most frequently touched surface in the complex, keep your tenants and guests safe, comfortable and at peace with the fact that your surfaces are coated and protected for years.

Restore and Protect Building Surfaces

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