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Protect Your Storage Doors
Protect Your Doors  Keep Your Facility

Restore and Protect Public Transit Surfaces

CrobialCoat™ with Mircoban antimicrobial technology coating is ideal for helping ensure a foundation for healthy environments. By providing a coating of coverage to help prevent the growth and spread of microbes, high-touch surfaces provide a layer of protection for the health and wellness of occupants in between cleanings. The coating, which lasts years without having to be reapplied, provides peace of mind during trying times.

  • Keeping Travelers Healthy & Safe

  • Protecting High Touch Surfaces

  • Protecting Outdoor Surfaces from Rust, Salt Corrosion & Oxidation

  • Highly Scratch & Graffiti Resistant 

  • Protecting the Value of the Assets

  • Easy to Maintain with Current Staff & Schedule


Safety during traveling is one of the most important concerns travelers will have during this time. Keeping your transport assets such as trains, buses, and rail cars clean, safe and looking brand new will increase the confidence of your travelers and their chance of returning to use your service. 

Restore and Protect Transit Assets

Hand Rails

Handrails in public transport settings are one of the most high touch surfaces in any public place. Coating these with CrobialCoat to prevent the spread and growth of bacteria can make a world of a difference in increasing the safety of travelers everywhere. 

Restore and Protect Hand Rails


Like hand rails, handles on buses, trains and subways are also very high use and breeding grounds for spreading bacteria. Travelers may be afraid to use these, but for their safety on a turbulent or crowded ride, it may be necessary. Coating these to protect patrons will give them the peace of mind to use handles without a second thought. 

Restore and Protect Handles

Arm Rests

Armrests on planes or buses help create a comfortable ride, but with being frequently touched, travelers are hesitant to get comfortable on their journey. Assuring travelers that these surfaces have long term protection from bacteria allows for peace of mind while traveling.

Restore and Protect Arm Rests

Tray Tables

Tray tables are not only high touch, but also areas where food and beverage may be enjoyed, increasing the risk of bacteria spreading. CrobialCoat is not only great for reducing the spread of bacteria, but is also food safe once cured. 

Protect Tray Tables

Plastic Seats

CrobialCoat works on hard plastics as well as metals and woods. Coating plastic seats on buses or subways can greatly increase travelers safety, comfort and peace of mind during these times. 

Restore and Protect Plastic Seats
Restore and Protect Public Transit Surfaces

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