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Restore and Protect Stainless Steel

The name “Stainless Steel” implies that metal does not rust or tea-stain. Unfortunately, even marine-grade stainless steel can rust and tea-stain. Fingerprints and smudges are also a problem. ProtectaClear restores stainless steel and protects it to keep it looking new. It also reduces fingerprints and smudges, making cleaning them off a breeze.

ProtectaClear is a crystal clear, nearly invisible protective coating specially designed for the protection of stainless steel in all environments, both external and internal, providing a hard protective barrier against all contaminants.

ProtectaClear is being used to protect stainless steel in the Empire State Building, has restored the Unity Building in Liverpool, in numerous Universities and other schools, and many other buildings across the world. It is also being used to restore and protect all the stainless steel in the Indianapolis Airport.

Before & After

Restored Stainless Steel Elevator

ProtectaClear provides the following benefits to stainless steel with every application: 

  • Seals stainless steel to prevent damage from salt air in marine environments.

  • Protects water fountains, metal around pools, stainless lighting, railings, bathroom partitions, hardware, architectural panels, elevators, escalators, countertops, sinks, etc. from water and mineral damage.

  • Stainless steel can be repaired if damaged or scratched without having to strip the entire project. ProtectaClear is self-annealing and will blend to itself.

  • Excellent adhesion on stainless steel regardless of the finish – brushed, polished or diamondplate.

  • It is a useful sacrificial coating for easy removal of graffiti, allowing for low effort and low cost removal and re-coating.


Unity Building

Restored Metal on Unity Building

Mansfield Natatorium

Restored Pool Railings



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