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Restore and Protect Aluminum

Restore and Protect Aluminum

Both polished and anodized aluminum can oxidize, corrode, and darken. Everbrite will restore the color and luster of anodized aluminum and will protect the shine of polished aluminum for years to come. Highly polished aluminum or aluminum that gets a lot of use can be sealed and protected with ProtectaClear.

Aluminum expands and contracts with heat and cold. Lacquers and other coatings not designed to expand and contract with the substrate will crack, chip, and peel. Everbrite remains flexible throughout its life and has excellent adhesion on metal so it will not crack, chip, or peel if properly applied.

The finish on anodized aluminum can be ruined by contact with mortar or cement by removing the topcoat, leaving a spotted and uneven appearance. Anodized aluminum curtain walls fade and oxidize. Even new anodized aluminum can be ruined by stucco or mortar on new buildings. Everbrite Protective Coating restores anodized aluminum to its original luster and protects the metal from fading and oxidation (as long as the damage is not through the anodizing) even when in contact with mortar or cement.


AON Building

IBM Building

Protected AON Building
Restored IBM Building Exterior

McClaren Building

Restored McClaren Building Exterior

Everbrite has saved contractors from having to replace damaged anodized aluminum window frames by restoring the clearcoat that mortar has removed, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Salt corrosion can also cause significant pitting on anodized aluminum for locations near the ocean. Everbrite protects from salt corrosion and pitting, and can restore the finish of damaged anodized aluminum, as long as the damage does not go all the way through the anodizing.

ProtectaClear is recommended for anodized aluminum automotive parts, or highly polished aluminum. ProtectaClear is practically invisible on polished aluminum and will protect aluminum from dulling, tarnish, and corrosion. ProtectaClear is also used to protect tuna towers, outriggers, and other marine aluminum.

You can test the finish to see if it can be restored by cleaning the metal and observing while it is STILL wet. The water replicates the Everbrite topcoat, and if the appearance is restored while still wet, then Everbrite can permanently restore the topcoat. Everbrite has UV absorbers and anti-oxidants in it so the aluminum will last much longer without fading.


Formulated to protect architectural copper as well as copperas and copper art. This protective coating has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants to protect copper.


Ideal for copper that gets high use or is exposed to constant handling. It has Anti-Oxidents but is a thinner, more scratch-resistant coating that is practically invisible, even on highly polished metal with a mirror finish.


Ideal for copper that gets high use or is exposed to constant handling to reduce microbes. CrobialCoat is a combination of ProtectaClear and Microban Antimicrobial technology.


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