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Durable Surface Protection
High Touch Surface Protection

Protect School Surfaces

CrobialCoat™ with Mircoban antimicrobial technology coating is ideal for helping ensure a foundation for healthy environments. By providing a coating of coverage to help prevent the growth and spread of microbes, high-touch surfaces provide a layer of protection for the health and wellness of occupants in between cleanings. The coating, which lasts years without having to be reapplied, provides peace of mind during trying times.

  • Keeping Staff & Students Healthy & Safe

  • Protecting High Touch Surfaces

  • Protecting Outdoor Surfaces from Rust, Salt Corrosion & Oxidation

  • Highly Scratch & Graffiti Resistant 

  • Easy to Maintain with Current Staff & Schedule

Hand Rails

Handrails in schools are constantly being used by students, who may or may not have practiced the habit of washing their hands frequently. Adding a protective coating to reduce bacteria spread will significantly increase the safety and wellness of schoolchildren.

Protect School Hand Rails


Students are constantly using their lockers, and sometimes these may store food and drink as well. Keeping these surfaces coated and safe from bacteria spread can increase the overall health and safety of the school. 

Protect School Lockers

Drinking Fountains

A communal source of water for children, CrobialCoat will not only prevent the growth of microbes, but also protect the surface from tarnish and scratching, which often happens with metal water bottles to be refilled.

Protect Drinking Fountains

Pool Hardware

Pool railings in schools are not only exposed to chlorine and moisture in the air, but are high touch areas as well. To keep members safe from bacteria spread, as well as preserve your metal from tarnish and rust due to chlorine in the air, use our CrobialCoat. CrobialCoat can also be used on metal bleachers for spectator safety. 

Protect Pool Hardware


As desks and chairs are utilized every day of a student's life in school, these surfaces are some of the most important to coat and protect from the spread of bacteria, for the health and wellness of students in your district.

Protect Classroom Surfaces

Door Knobs

Door knobs are the highest touch area in a school. Door knobs are not only constantly used by students, but teachers, faculty and staff as well. Protecting door knobs from bacteria spread can increase the safety and health of the entire school community.

Protect Door Knobs
Protect School Surfaces

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